Friday, April 18, 2014

Family Walk Friday: Graffiti Tour

Although the weather this week has leaned more towards winter, we still found a nice evening to explore an area we've been wanting to walk for awhile.

We've found that Erie has many small parks scattered across the city.  And while they aren't very big, they are just so sweet.  This week we loaded up and went to Griswold Place (off 14th and Peach for you Erie folks).

Our favorite part is that right around the corner is some amazing graffiti art.  We love that this art is allowed to stay and cheer up an otherwise drab train overpass.

And of course, a portrait of Erie's beloved Commander Oliver Perry on a stairway.

Have you explored anywhere new lately?  Do you have any graffiti art murals in your city?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Leash Gremlins

Our friends over at Pocket Pittie in the City recently wrote about living with what they lovingly termed a "leash gremlin."  Yep, we've got one.

We've admitted before - in our first week home with Edi, we contemplated about taking him back.

Thinking about it breaks my heart.  We almost missed out on a truly special dog.  And not only would we have missed out on Ed himself, but all that we've learned and experienced because of him.

Having to work harder and tap into more resources has helped us to meet so many new people, start a blog, and create a dog walking group!

Do you have a leash gremlin?  How do you "deal"?

Monday, April 14, 2014

PEDs: On Getting Started

After bringing Edison home and realizing he was a monster (and we use that term so lovingly!), we were faced with the same question any new owner to a reactive dog faces: "Now what?"

We did a lot of reading, a lot of learning, and tried lots of new techniques.  And while we definitely improved, we seemed to be stuck.  We needed to socialize a dog who couldn't socialize.

We worked with what we had, but it really just wasn't fulfilling our need.  We read about walking groups in other cities and realized that was what we needed.  We figured that we couldn't be the only ones that needed a dog walking group either.

Almost a year later and we've realize how true that statement is.  We've gotten so many new members who just needed help getting started in the long road to socialization for a reactive dog.  And although it's not the easiest road, it's much better with a great support group.

Have you ever been faced with the "now what" question? What did you do?

Friday, April 11, 2014

Family Walk Friday: Getting Back in the Groove

One thing that we're looking forward to now that spring seems to finally have sprung is getting back into our weekly family walks.

We try to use these walks to not only spend quality time together, but also to explore a new location.

Although this week, we opted to walk around our favorite park, just a short jaunt from our house.

We're looking forward to many more walks to come and already have a few new places lined up that we'd love to explore!

Have you and your pooch walked anywhere new and interesting lately?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Clifford and the Vanishing Dog

Although Edison still had some growing to do when we got him, we feel like he somehow keeps getting bigger.  Maybe its a combination of slimming down and bulking up.

And while Ed seems to be getting bigger, our little Tesla appears to be getting smaller.  It could be the juxtaposition to Ed, or the fact that she's getting older (and greyer!)

Whatever it is, we're worried they will be making a children's book that would be titled Clifford and the Vanishing Dog -- where a brindle dog keeps growing and growing until he's as big as a house and meets a friend who keep shrinking smaller and smaller until she disappears!

Although a children's book about our two best buds might not be that bad!!

Monday, April 7, 2014

PEDs: Human Socialization

We've spoke of the many benefits of our pack walks when it comes to the pooches: passive socialization, confidence building, and increasing the human-canine bond.

But one thing we've not talked about as much is the socialization benefit for the humans.  Our weekly walks allow the human side of the leash to branch out and meet new people.

And while we all have one thing in common -- a love for our dogs! -- we're a very diverse group from all parts of our shared community who otherwise might never cross paths.  But together, we can share advice, cheer each others' successes, and just generally enjoy the company of people who love to hear about our pooches.

How do you socialize with other dog lovers in your area?

Friday, April 4, 2014

Fence Runner

We've talked about how our weekly pack walks helped us stay "in shape" for the warmer weather ahead.

One thing that we need to work on as we spend more time outside is Edison's fence running.  We have a 7' privacy fence that runs around 2 sides of our yard - one side being a semi-busy road with a bus stop.

With Edison's territorial-ness, along with the foot traffic and bus riders outside our fence, we get a lot of barking and fence running during the summer -- as evident by the path worn along the fence.  So this spring, we're planning on getting to work on this bad habit.

Has anyone dealt with this?  What steps did you take?